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Learn More About the Comprehensive Plan

The City of Poquoson is currently conducting a general update of our Comprehensive Plan, to be completed in 2017.  The Comprehensive Plan is an important document for guiding the future goals and actions of our community.  As a result, the update has a large public input effort built into it to influence the planning and policy development process.  Below are several methods for submitting feedback, or participating in Poquoson’s Comprehensive Plan update.  

Submit Feedback Online

The easiest way to submit feedback is to fill out the online form below.  Please consider the following questions below to direct your feedback:

What is the City of Poquoson doing right?
Do you have any concerns regarding the future of Poquoson?
If you could make anything happen in Poquoson, what would it be?
Any additional comments?

Click the link below to access the online form.  While not required, it is suggested to provide your name and contact information. 

Citizen's Feedback Online Form

Feedback Drop Boxes

During the next few weeks, the Community Participation Team (CPT) will be circulating drop boxes and comment cards around various businesses in the City.  Be on the lookout for these boxes for an opportunity to talk with a CPT member, and submit a card containing your thoughts on the Comprehensive Plan update.

Submit Written Feedback

Citizens may also present written feedback in person at the City Hall Building’s Planning Department counter, next to the DMV.  Alternatively, they may mail their feedback to the following address:
Poquoson Planning Department
RE: Comprehensive Plan Update
500 City Hall Avenue
Poquoson, VA 23662