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Odd Road Community Center

Max Occupancy 60


  1. Chairs
  2. Meeting Room
  3. Small Kitchen
  4. Tables
This small building is available for rental to residents only for small parties and events. Those wishing to rent this building must be residents. Reservations and rental rates are available at Poquoson Parks and Recreation at 757-868-3580.


All usage must be pre-arranged with a written request. All forms to arrange use are available at PPR.

No reservation is complete until request forms and payment is received in full. No alcohol is permitted in the facility. All fund raising activities must be preapproved at the facility to include those by Civic Groups. Any activity that invites the general public must also be preapproved.

Poquoson Civic Groups

Poquoson Civic Groups wishing to utilize this space must also make arrangements with PPR to utilize this meeting space using the Civic Group Reservation Form. Civic uses are limited to 2 per month.
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