Mosquito & Drainage

Maintenance Responsibilities

The Mosquito and Drainage Department maintains more than 45 miles of outfall ditches, cement swales and storm drain pipe systems. This maintenance consists of:

  • Cutting back growth and regrading of outfall ditches
  • Cleaning outfall pipes and junction boxes in outfalls
  • Installing concrete bottoms and sidewalls in outfalls to stop erosion
  • Spraying herbicides and growth retardant to improve drainage and lessen maintenance
  • Placing larvacide briquettes in standing water in City drainage easements to eliminate mosquito breeding
  • Monitoring mosquito spraying throughout the City as needed
Review the Homeowner's Source Guide for mosquito larva breeding in artificial & natural containers that may be found around the house, backyard, etc.

See the following children's activities, reinforcing the importance of controlling the mosquito population:
 The maintenance of outfall ditches is most important to help promote good drainage of roadside ditches, which can eliminate flooding and road base failure to City streets. Outfall ditch maintenance also helps eliminate where mosquitoes breed. So please remember if property has a drainage easement on it, City Code prohibits placing obstructions within the easement. When the mosquito count indicates we have a problem, City streets are sprayed using two trucks equipped with ULV sprayers. The mosquito count information is also furnished to Langley Air Force Base to help promote aerial spray flights.

Attention Bee Keepers

Poquoson residents who keep honey bees as a business or hobby and would like to be notified when aerial spray flights occur, please call Public Works at 757-868-3590.