Online Payments

The City is pleased to provide an online payment option. The purpose of this service is to make it easier for you to get your payments taken care of quickly, easily, and without worry. All exchanges are done over 128 bit encrypted channels so you can have peace of mind about your personal information.

Online Payment of City Taxes
There is a nominal fee associated with using credit cards (2.5% of the amount of the transaction). There is no fee associated with e-check.

All tax bills are listed. When taxes are assessed, the bills for both halves (June 5 and December 5) go on the system. Make sure you pay the bill for the correct half and/or don't pay for both halves (unless of course that is your intention). When you look at Individual Bill Detail for Real Estate Taxes there is a due date listed. When you look at the Individual Bill detail for Personal Property look at the half box to tell the due date. If the half is 1, the due date is June 5, if the half is 2, the due date is December 5.

You need to figure the amount due for the half you are paying and enter that amount as the amount you are paying. The system intuitively knows to apply the amount to the bills due first. So, if you own 3 cars for example, you will see 6 amounts due (2 amounts for each car: 1 amount for June 5 and 1 amount for December 5). If you calculate the amounts due for June 5 only and enter that total amount, the system knows to apply those amounts to the 3 bills due on June 5.

Pay for Individual Vehicles
If your taxes are current, you may pay for individual vehicles on your bill. For example, if you own 2 or more vehicles, you may specify which ones you wish to pay. Just de-select the ones you don't want to pay and ask it to re-calculate. If we need to make an adjustment, please call the Commissioner of Revenue's office at 868-3020. If one vehicle on your account becomes past due, you will not be able to pay for an individual vehicle until all past due accounts are current.

Outstanding Taxes
You cannot pay current taxes if prior taxes are outstanding. All monies received are applied toward the oldest taxes due.

Secure Payments
All payments made on this site are secure. We use 128 bit encryption.

If you are having trouble using our online payment system, please check out our Treasurer Online Payments Tutorial (PDF) for assistance.