Payment Options

Ways to Pay

Treasurer's Office

During business hours, we accept cash, check, money orders, credit and debit cards. A 2.5% convenience fee is added to all credit and debit card transactions.

Drop Box

Save your stamp! We have a payment box located behind City Hall. It is the gray box at the end of the sidewalk (next to the USPS box). This is accessible from your car, 24 hours a day.

By Mail

Mail it to us:
P.O. Box 2319
Poquoson VA 23662-0319

Online Payments

  • E-Check Payment - Payment is deducted from your bank account electronically. Payments for personal property taxes, real estate taxes, utility fees, and to schedule limbs or bulky item pickups are currently available.
  • Credit Card Payment - Visa, MasterCard and Discover are currently accepted. A convenience fee is added to all credit card transactions. Payments are available for the same items as listed in E-Check Payments.
Visit the online payments page for more information

EZ Pay (Automatic Debit)

Payments are automatically deducted monthly or on the due date from your bank account as you direct. Available for personal property and real estate taxes as well as the bimonthly utility fees. For more information or to print an enrollment form, visit the EZ Pay page.

Financial Difficulties

If you are experiencing financial difficulty and are unable to pay your taxes in full, the Treasurer's office will assist you with payment arrangements. Making arrangements with us will not stop penalties and interest from accruing, but it may prevent us from pursuing other collection action including advising DMV to freeze your vehicle registration and incurring the additional fees associated with the action.

Failure to Pay

It is the responsibility of our office to collect all amounts due to the City of Poquoson. We will pursue collection of unpaid taxes and fees by means available to us. To collect unpaid taxes we will:
  • Use DMV stops (additional $35 for administrative and DMV fees)
  • Use debt set off, which is collecting thru state tax refunds (additional $20 fee for administrative fees)
  • Seek judgments to sustain the tax (additional $32 for administrative and warrant fees)
  • Use wage liens (additional $20 administrative fee)
  • Assign unpaid bulk item, landscaping, and weeds fees to your real estate account and they will be paid before associated real estate taxes (additional charges vary)