Dog Tags

All dogs 4 months or older must be vaccinated against rabies and be licensed with the City. This program is a reflection of state and local laws to help control the spread of rabies.

Dog licenses are valid for the lifetime of the dog as long as the dog's rabies vaccination is kept current. 

Purchasing a Dog Tag

A valid rabies certificate must be presented when purchasing a dog tag. You may purchase a dog tag at the Treasurer's Office or by mail by enclosing a valid rabies certificate and a check covering the cost of the dog tag. The Treasurer's office will mail the tag to you.

The cost of each lifetime tag is $5.

Kennel License

A 20-dog kennel license can be purchased for $25. A kennel consists of a specific place used for the breeding, boarding or keeping of several dogs. A valid rabies certificate for each dog in the kennel must be presented. Kennel licenses are to be paid no later than January 31 of each year. The fee shall cover a license period of one (1) calendar year. Individuals may purchase individual lifetime tags for each dog instead of a kennel license if they prefer.