The Poquoson Police Department's high degree of professionalism and teamwork is evident in its vigilance against crime and victimization.  Poquoson Police Officers are among the most trained and best equipped in the region.  

The department is staffed by 27 sworn officers, and has a support staff of two civilian employees. The Poquoson Police Department handles on average over 15,000 calls for service and officers effect an average of over 450 criminal arrests per year.  Poquoson's modest size offers officers the unique chance of becoming more than just a badge number, but a partner and peer to the community.  Problem-oriented policing, prevention strategies, and community outreach programs are among the many ways officer can make a real difference in the community that they serve. 

If you are interested in a uniformed law enforcement position that will enable you to be an active participant in our partnership with the community, this position is for you!