Escrow Accounts With a Mortgage Company

If you maintain an escrow account with a mortgage company, your mortgage company remits payment for your real estate taxes. Accordingly, we do not send a bill to you, the homeowner. We notify the mortgage company of the amount they are to pay on your behalf. It is the mortgage company's responsibility to request a tax bill for payment of your taxes and the homeowner's responsibility to ensure that the taxes are paid on time.

If the mortgage company fails to make the request in time for the due date, a late penalty and interest will be added to any bill not paid by the due date. It should also be noted that even though it is preferable to have the original or a copy of the bill, it is not necessary for payment. Payment information, in the event that the due date is near, may be acquired over the telephone.

When You Pay Off Your Mortgage
Great news! You've paid off your mortgage and the property is now yours. If your mortgage maintained an escrow account, you need to notify us. We need to remove the mortgage codes from your account so you will receive a bill from our office (because otherwise we're going to keep billing the mortgage company...and they're never going to pay it). Otherwise, the notice you'll get from us will be a delinquent notice (with penalties).