Following Appeal File

Administrative Appeal
Someone will contact you after the appeal deadline to set up your hearing. After you have had your hearing with the Assessor, he will review the information provided. After the completion of all hearings he will again review this information to see if trends exist that may affect other similar properties. The Assessor may also determine that field visits are necessary and may make appointments to do so. After reaching a decision on each property appeal, a letter will be mailed to each property owner reflecting the Assessor’s decision. All decisions will be made and all letters mailed a week prior to the BOE Application deadline. If you do not receive the Assessors Decision Letter please notify the Assessor’s Office.

Board of Equalization Appeal
After the Application deadline someone from the Assessor’s Office will contact you to set up your hearing. After all hearings are complete the BOE will review each case and make a decision. They may also need to make field inspections of your property. The decisions are generally completed within a month of the last hearing date and their decisions are mailed to the property owner.

Circuit Court Appeal
Please contact the York County Circuit Court Clerk's Office at 757-890-3350 for more information.