Appeal Hearings

Administrative Appeal
If you decide that you want a face to face meeting with the Assessor, on the date and time of your scheduled meeting please report to the Assessor’s office. Please do not be late as this throws off other appointments. You are only allotted 30 minutes for up to 3 properties. This meeting is not open to the public! The hearing is your opportunity to relay to the Assessor your evidence as to why you think the property is erroneously assessed. The meeting is a fact finding meeting for all parties. Decisions by the assessor will be mailed to all property owners no later than one week prior to the BOE Application deadline.

Board of Equalization Appeal
These hearings are open to the public. The hearing is an informal review designed to allow property owners to present their case. However, counsel or any other agent may represent you if you desire. An Agent Authorization Form is required. All testimony before the board shall be under oath. Hearings are scheduled for 30 minutes maximum for up to 3 properties. Property owner having more than three properties can request more time when making the appointment for the hearing. Any request for additional time may be granted at the BOE discretion.

The BOE may lower, raise or affirm the value. Any decision by the BOE will be mailed to the property owner after the completion of all hearings. A decision by the Board regarding your appeal is only applicable until the next assessment cycle. The Assessor is not bound by the Boards decision in a subsequent assessment cycle.