Fleet Maintenance

The Fleet Maintenance Department performs all levels of maintenance on 350 vehicles and equipment, with an average age of 12 years old. These vehicles and equipment range from fire trucks, ambulances, school buses, police cars, and roads/grounds equipment.


By design, the majority of maintenance performed is preventative in nature. This means that most repairs made are done through early detection using a scheduled maintenance program. Early detection and repair of minor discrepancies help prevent major breakdowns, thus keeping the costs of repairs at a manageable level.
Fleet Maintenance working on a school bus

Maintenance Costs

One way of keeping the maintenance costs down is to perform as much maintenance in-house as possible. Over 90% of the maintenance is scheduled and 93% is done in-house. The only time maintenance is done outside by outside agencies is when specialized equipment is needed to perform specific tasks, such as, painting, hydraulic repairs, and precision machine work.


The goal of the Fleet Maintenance Department is to maintain a safe, serviceable fleet at the lowest costs possible, while at the same time, remaining cognizant of the demand of need of the vehicle users. Every repair made must be balanced between need, costs, and safety.